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High quality sprockets manufacturer


High quality sprockets solutions Why choose SCS

With more than 20 years of experience, SCS is one of the biggest manufactures of sprockets, gears and shafts in China. There are over a variety of 20,000 specifications for selection. Every year around a thousand of new developed parts with more than a hundred of tests to provide high quality sprockets solutions for worldwide clients.

  • 齒輪

    General Use

    Conform to higher standard general products.

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  • 定制


    Non-standard products can be customized for customers.

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  • 智能

    Technology R&D

    The production process is monitored by strict quality control and analysis.

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Committed to the efficient operation of equipment in various industries

  • Automated Factory

    Good sprockets to ensure a smooth automation process

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  • Agricultural Machinery

    Help high quality machinery operate efficiently

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  • Packing Machinery

    Drive longer running speed

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  • Logistic Machinery

    The first step of intelligent logistic starts from sprocket rolling

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Join hands with global customers to achieve the future

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